Teenager Surprises BF In The Most Heart-Wrenching Way

And yes -- we're weeping.

Take a deep breath and keep the Kleenex in hand -- the video you're about to see is going to move you, and in all the best ways.

The short clip was shared to Twitter by user @aeonianlife, who goes by the name Momo. In the video Momo can be seen standing her back to the camera, her eyes on the front door. A woman opens the front door and standing there on the hearth is a young man dressed in formal attire.

While he stands there admiring his date -- the very lovely Momo -- she begins to walk towards him, arms outstretched for balance, like a fragile bird leaving the nest for the first time.

It's not until we see Momo's date's face that we grasp what is happening here. Momo has learned to walk again so that this moment can occur. It obviously wasn't easy and, judging from the emotion so clearly felt in the clip, wasn't expected either. But a determined Momo made it happen. And we're still wiping away the tears. Her date may well be also.

"How did you do that," he yells in astonishment before running into Momo's arms and hugging her with all his might.

And a good question to ask too. You see, Momo hasn't walked for almost a year after she underwent a surgical procedure which went horribly wrong. Still, girl made it happen and how.

The video was quickly shared and shared and shared again as folk the world over celebrated Momo and her incredible feat. At the time of writing it had been viewed by some 12.5 million, many leaving comments as to how much they admired the teen and her fighting spirit.

Tweets flooded in congratulating her incredible achievement. Some simply sent her love and well wishes. But others revealed Momo had inspired them to keep on pushing against their own limitations.

"I am so proud that you were able to accomplish this," wrote Nina, whose Twitter name is @allthatjazz

"My situation is definitely not comparable to yours but I can't wait until my husband sees how much progress I've made with my own recovery."

To top all of this happy off, Momo went on to her high school prom that evening where was she crowned Prom Queen. And yes -- she walked to the stage to collect her crown.