"An Easter Miracle!" Heartwarming Moment Missing Boy Reunites With His Family

In an 'Easter Miracle,' the little boy who got lost in the NSW bush has been found safe and sound, ending a desperate search. He said he tried to hitch a ride home on a kangaroo.

What you need to know
  • Three-year-old James Skillen went missing overnight in the NSW bush while on a camping trip with his family, sparking a massive search
  • The young boy has been found safe and sound by community members, and has been reunited with his family
  • James is doing well after his ordeal, and said he tried to hitch a ride home on a kangaroo

Horror has turned to relief for the family of a three-year-old boy who has been found safe after he wandered away from a campsite and spent the night missing in bushland

James Skillen was on an Easter camping trip with his family on a Razorback, NSW property, 69km south of Mudgee, when he was last seen near the camp kitchen at about 5.30pm Saturday.

His family raised the alarm and by 7.30pm, more than 150 volunteers, officers and crew members from SES, NSW Police, NSW Ambulance, the Rural Fire Service and the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association were scouring about 100 acres of land in a desperate search for the boy.

Fears grew as temperatures dropped to about 15 degrees overnight, and thick bushland made it hard to search for the boy.

“an Easter miracle”.

It was locals who finally found James this afternoon, about five kilometres from where he first wandered off.  He was airlifted to an ambulance and delivered safely back in the arms of his worried parents.

He has been taken to hospital for precautionary checks, with Superintendent Peter McKenna describing the boy’s condition as “chirpy and talkative… a bit scratched up.”

The little boy apparently wandered off because he wanted to speak to a kangaroo, with authorities baffled at how the young child managed to travel so far.

“Statistically speaking that is incredible,” Supt McKenna said of the boy’s five kilometre journey.

“Children of that age, when we do these searches are generally found within one and a half kilometres, so for him to have gotten that far is extraordinary.”

Supt McKenna praised the work of the local community for their help finding the lost boy.

“That’s what you find in regional New South Wales and country people, they care for one another and it’s been a great outcome.”

James very relieved father described the incident as “an Easter miracle”.