HooDunIt? Police Say Owl Behind Jogger Attack

A jogger who fled an unknown attacker was surprised to find out later he had been the victim of an owl attack.

The man was going for a run in Bad Nenndorf, west of the German city of Hanover.

He was attacked by the bird, which scratched at his head with its talons in a bid to protect its young, according to local police.

At first, the 46-year-old had no idea what was happening and feared another person had attacked him.

"It was a bit strange," a police spokesman said.

The man fell, his glasses fell off and he was left bleeding. He fled after the incident and alerted the police.



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Emergency services thought at first that someone had shot at him with an airgun, so police started looking for a projectile, the spokesman said.

But instead, they found a small owl on a fence and a bigger owl in a tree above it.

When the mother owl suddenly targeted a 23-year-old police officer and slightly injured her, investigators realised who was responsible for the attack on the jogger.

"It was a female tawny owl who was trying to protect her nearby young," police said.

The jogger was not seriously injured.

"He found it quite amusing," the spokesman said.