Woman Who 'Licked Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Grocery Items' Arrested

A woman has been arrested after she allegedly licked $2,800 ($1,800 US) worth of products at a grocery store near the Nevada border in California.

Jennifer Walker, 53, tried on multiple pieces of jewellery before allegedly licking them and loading them into her shopping cart, which was already holding a number of other items, a store employee at the Safeway supermarket in South Lake Tahoe told authorities.

When police arrived, they found Walker had no means with which to pay for the items in her cart.

All products were then deemed unsellable due to fears of cross- contamination.

Walker was arrested at a store near the Nevada border. Image: Google

On Tuesday Walker was arrested and charged with felony vandalism. Her bail was set at $10,000 US.

Last month, a woman was arrested and charged after police said she purposely coughed on $35,000 US worth of food at a Pennsylvania grocery store.

Because grocery stores are considered essential services, they remain open in most countries around the world, including in Australia.

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Featured image: South Lake Tahoe Police Department