Doting Dad Discovers Baby's Real Father Is A 13-Year-Old Boy His Wife Babysat

A British dad has been left devastated after discovering his baby daughter's father is actually a 13-year-old boy his wife had slept with.

Daniel Robbins, 21, told British tabloid The Sun, the truth "hurts like hell" but hopes his wife Leah Cordice, 20, doesn't have to go to prison because she isn't a bad person.

Cordice is likely to be jailed later this week after being found guilty of three counts of sexual activity with a child.

It is believed she was the boy's babysitter and had given him fish and chips as a reward for having sex with her, the court heard.

DNA testing later revealed the teen is 14 million times more likely to be the baby's father, essentially ruling out her husband.

Robbins told the publication everything he cherished had been taken away from him, including his job as an apprentice mechanic.

“What do I have left? It’s heartbreaking," he said.

The pair met while at college in 2015 but during a brief breakup, Cordice, then 17, started babysitting which was when she started grooming the teenage boy.

She later rekindled her relationship with Robbins but is believed to have continued abusing the young boy on a monthly basis.

When she announced to Robbins that she was pregnant, he encouraged her to marry him, which they did just five months later.

"I couldn't see myself with anyone else," Robbins said.

“I enjoyed every moment of fatherhood, I really did. It was the best time... until the DNA test.”

Cordice was arrested in July 2018 before Robbins was told to take a DNA test by detectives. She was found guilty earlier in the month and is expected to be sentenced later this week.

Featured image: Leah Cordice/TikTok