'You F**king Dog': Woman Faces Court After Allegedly Repeatedly Spitting On Police Officer

A woman who allegedly spat and coughed in a police officer's face after driving disqualified has been granted bail and is undergoing a mental health assessment.

Hannah Ayoub, 25, faced court on Saturday after police alleged she repeatedly coughed and spat on an officer after she was pulled over in south-west Sydney.

Footage obtained by 10 daily showed the woman allegedly swearing and spitting at the police officer who appeared calm while arresting her.

On Friday afternoon, the officer attempted to pull the woman over after allegedly running a red light, but said the woman sped off, driving more than double the speed limit.

The officer also alleged she failed to obey a stop sign before being forced to come to a halt due to heavy traffic.

Ayoub allegedly refused to get out of the car after the NSW Police officer told her she was under arrest.

The officer throws Ayoub to the ground the second time she spits on him in the footage. Image: Supplied

The footage showed Ayoub in handcuffs, yelling and cursing at the officer after having been physically removed from the car.

She said she was on her way to be tested for COVID-19 before coughing and spitting in the officer's face.

"What the f**k is your name, I'm on the way to get tested and you're going to f**ken stop me," the woman can be seen saying in the footage.

The woman allegedly continued to resist arrest despite a warning from the officer.

"Do not spit on me or you'll get put on the ground," the officer warned.

Other footage obtained by 10 daily shows members of the public criticising the officer and coming to Ayoub's defence.

Additional Footage Of The Woman On The Ground And Being Forced Into Paddy Wagon

"I can't wait to sue you, you f**king dog," she allegedly said in the recording.

Ayoub then called out to the man asking him to fix her hijab which had come off.

"Brother, come fix my scarf brother," she said.

The officer called for back up and footage showed an older man, potentially a relative, arguing with several officers and telling them, "Don't touch me, I said stop."

The woman is then seen with her head covering and clothing dishevelled, allegedly resisting two officers as they attempted to put her in the paddy wagon.

Ayoub was taken to Bankstown station and charged with driving recklessly/furiously or speed/manner dangerous, motor vehicle exceed speed more than 45 km/h, drive motor vehicle during disqualification period, and assault officer in the execution of duty.

“Police will not tolerate being spat at in any climate, let alone the one we’re facing right now. It’s as simple as that,” NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said.

On Saturday her lawyers argued that Ayoub has a history of depression and anxiety and PTSD due to previous car accidents.

She did not appear before the court as the was being physically and mentally assessed at a hospital.

The court heard Ayoub had no criminal history, she was granted bail and will appear before a court in June.

Although Ayoub was not displaying any symptoms, as a precaution the officer has undergone COVID-19 testing as a precaution.

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