Mum Faces Death Penalty, Accused Of Murdering Her Kids With Leash, Assaulting Family Dog

A US mother could be sentenced to death after allegedly murdering her two young children with a leash.

She is also accused of sexually assaulting the family dog.

Lisa Snyder, 37, from the US state of Pennsylvania was arrested after her children, Conner, eight, and Brinley, four, were found unresponsive at the family home in September last year.

She was charged with murder, child negligence, animal cruelty, sexual intercourse with a dog, and tampering with evidence. Snyder remains in custody ahead of her trial.

The crimes "meet the threshold of aggravating factors" required "for a capital case", prosecutors in the case said.

“The decision to seek the death penalty was not made lightly, but we decided there was overwhelming evidence of [those factors],” District Attorney John Adams said.

Conner, eight, and Brinley, four, were found unresponsive in the family basement. Image: Facebook

Snyder called emergency services last September to report that she found her children in the basement. They were rushed to hospital but died after spending three days on life support.

She argued her son Conner was suicidal and had carried out a murder-suicide.

However, authorities claim Snyder didn't return to the basement to retrieve her children after making the call to emergency services.

"A mother of children who are found [unresponsive] would make every effort possible to save them. That was not done in this situation," Adams argued.

Authorities believe Snyder also told a friend she had "had enough”, and had Googled 'carbon monoxide in a car how long to die' as well as true crime series.

Featured image: Berks County Jail and Facebook.