Man Charged After Allegedly Impersonating Cop So He Could Sniff Woman's Shoes

A Sydney man has been arrested and charged after he allegedly used fake police identification to convince a woman to hand over her shoes so he could sniff them.

A mobile phone was also seized during a police search of a home in Strathfield on Monday night.

The device contained several photos of women's feet, NSW Police said.

Authorities believe the 33-year-old man approached the women in public and at home, telling them he was a detective investigating crimes in the area.

On several occasions he asked the women if he could take photos of their feet, police said.

"In one incident he asked a woman to produce her shoes, which he sniffed and  returned to her," police said in a statement.

Officers said he has been charged with impersonating a police officer after using the fake credentials to photograph women across the city.

He has been granted bail and will appear in court in June.