Young Girls Charged After Allegedly Detaining, Assaulting Boy, 13

Two young girls have been charged with allegedly beating up and detaining a 13-year-old boy after meeting on a suburban street in the dead of the night.

The girls, aged 12 and 13, were allegedly part of a group of young people who met up on a suburban road in North Albury between midnight and 3.30 am on Thursday.

There, the group allegedly assaulted a 13-year-old boy who was known to them.

Police allege the boy was punched and kicked repeatedly, his phone was taken from him, and he was taken to a nearby house.

There, the group allegedly covered his mouth with duct tape, cut his hair and used a cigarette lighter to burn him.

After several hours, the boy fled home, where police were called. He was treated by paramedics for bruising and burns, and an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the event was launched.

The two girls were arrested at a home in Albury about 11 am on Thursday, and charged with aggravated robbery in company and take and detain in company.

They were refused bail and will appear at a children's court on Friday March 20.

Investigations are continuing.