Woman Accused Of Slitting Boyfriend's Throat Was Found Sitting In Blood-Soaked Room Sipping Tea

A woman accused of murdering her boyfriend by slitting his throat was allegedly found by police sitting in his blood-soaked living room sipping tea.

Averil Beliveau, 30, denies murdering her partner Cameron Faling, 45, at his his home in Vermont, in the US.

Instead she claims she acted in self-defence, Britain's Metro News reports.

Following the alleged murder, police believe Beliveau may have returned home to her parents' house to change her clothes before returning to Faling's studio apartment where she spent the night near his dead body.

She then reported the incident to police early the following morning.

It is understood police found Beliveau drinking a cup of tea, surrounded by blood.

The court heard she told authorities she and Faling would argue about chores and that she was mad at him for refusing to buy her pot.

Prosecutors argued she couldn't possibility have been acting in self defence because Faling was the only person who had "defensive wounds".

Beliveau has been charged with second-degree murder and is being held without bail before her next court appearance.