Tradie Crash Tackles Alleged Paedophile Caught Filming And Touching Kids

A Sydney tradesman tackled and detained a 68-year-old man after allegedly witnessing two children being filmed and lured with lollies by the older man.

Milad Youssef was in Campsie on Wednesday evening with his cousin, when he claims he saw something suspicious.

Youssef called police and detained the man until police arrived.

"He tried to get away but I stopped him and pushed him to the ground," the 31-year-old said.

Photos and videos taken by Youssef of the alleged sexual predator show the contents of his backpack. Image: Supplied

"The little girl was crying, it was very upsetting," Youssef said.

Youssef also filmed the immediate aftermath, which allegedly showed a backpack with lollies, a teddy bear, a drone and regular camera with footage of the children.

Police attended the park in Campsie and arrested the man. They allege two children – aged four and six – were sitting in the front yard of the complex when a man riding a bike stopped and spoke to them, before he entered the front yard and sat down with them.

The man allegedly offered them lollies while he filmed the children and allegedly sexually touched one of them.

Image: Supplied

CCTV footage obtained by 10 daily also shows the alleged predator approaching the girls as they played in their front yard, before parking his bike and walking into the yard.

The man has been charged with several offences, including procuring a child under 14 years for unlawful sexual activity, intentionally sexually touching a child under 10 years, two counts of common assault, producing child abuse material and two counts of filming a person's private parts without consent.

Youssef detained the man until police arrived. The photo on the right shows Youssef and his cousin moments before seeing the man.  Image: supplied

Youssef said he recognised the alleged victims as "local neighbourhood kids" and said they routinely play in their front yard.

"I was shocked, it was distressing to see and it would have been worse if we weren't on the ball," he said.

He told the parents what allegedly happened, and Youssef said they were "very shocked."

The man appeared before court on Thursday, where he did not apply for bail.

His legal aid representative told the court that his client, is complaining of an injury to his right arm and seeking medical attention.

He will front court again in April.

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