WATCH: Thousands Of Baby Turtles Saved From Animal Trafficking By Sniffer Dog

Authorities in Colombia busted an animal smuggling ring out of the country, rescuing thousands of native matamata turtles.

According to officials, a sniffer dog found the turtles as part of a routine inspection at an airport in Amazonas.

Authorities said the turtles were to be smuggled out to the United States and Japan.

It's believed the turtles were being sent to America and Japan. Image: Reuters

The black market value of this group of rescued turtles has been put at around $250,000 dollars.

The baby turtles were reportedly packed together without water and in bags.

Many were found in a bad state and 150 of the matamata were reportedly found dead.



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The matamata is a species native to this region of Latin America.

With its triangular head, spiky scales and unique camouflage, the turtle is popular in animal trafficking rings.