Goodstart Resume All Daycare Bus Services After Toddler Death

Goodstart Early Learning has resumed bus services across all centres, two weeks after the death of a three-year-old boy on a minibus in Queensland.

Australia's largest child care provider has added additional surveillance measures for its bus services after the toddler was found dead after being left on a vehicle at Edmonton, Cairns.

Two staff have been charged with manslaughter as a result of the death and both have been sacked by the company.

There are now three designated roles on buses following the introduction of a "checker" to conduct a sweep of a bus after it returns to a centre.

In addition, the staff member, who acts as the bus supervisor, is required to sit at the rear of the vehicle for the entire journey.

Goodstart Early Learning Centre in Edmonton. Image: AAP

The checker is a centre-based staff member who meets, greets and checks a vehicle on its arrival.

While bus services have resumed, the kindy at Edmonton has yet to reopen.

"The Edmonton centre remains closed at the moment," a Goodstart Early Learning Centre representative said.

"The bus services which have resumed are across the entire national Goodstart service at centres which offer pick up and drop off services.

"Both staff involved in the incident had their employment terminated following the charges which were laid."

Goodstart Early Learning CEO Julia Davidson said the company had apologised to the boy's family and was still trying to fathom what occurred in Cairns.



Parents Of Toddlers Left On Child Care Buses Say ‘Something Needs To Change’

One year before a child was found dead on a child care bus in Cairns, another little boy was being rushed to hospital with severe dehydration after he was forgotten inside a different bus on a hot summer day in NSW.

"This makes the events in Edmonton all the more bewildering. We don't know why a senior staff member - who had received significant training and recent reminders about bus safety - apparently disregarded procedures," she said.

"As was noted in court, rigorous policies and procedures around bus transport were in place at Edmonton.

"We had very strong procedures in place and now we are moving to strengthen them even further."

She said there had been a number of incidents with Goodstart buses in recent years, after which additional safety measures were also introduced.