'We Are A Nation In Pain': Heartbreaking Vigil For Murdered Mum And Kids

Mourners have heard of the heroic and loving nature of mother Hannah Clarke at a vigil in south Brisbane to remember her and her three murdered children.

A heartbroken community on Sunday evening stood by the family and friends of Clarke and her children Laianah, Aaliyah and Trey who were killed at the hands of Rowan Baxter.

Baxter murdered his young children and former partner by setting the car they were in alight while Hannah was doing the morning school run.

Tarang Chawla


Like Hannah Clarke, My Sister Was Murdered By Her Husband. We Can't Let The System Fail Again

Yet again we are forced to confront the national emergency that is violence against women, as we grieve the loss of Hannah Clarke and her three young children, Aaliyah, Laianah and Trey.

About 1000 people gathered in a south Brisbane park for Sunday evening's vigil.

Hundreds turn out for a vigil for Hannah Clarke and her three children at Bill Hewitt Reserve in Brisbane on Sunday. Image: AAP

Dressed in pink, Hannah's father Lloyd and brother Nat, thanked the crowd for their support.

"This has been the worst week of out lives," Lloyd said.

"We would have felt lost without all your support."

"I don't know how we can repay such kindness."



Hannah Clarke’s Parents Reveal Her Final Heroic Act To Protect Her Children

Hannah Clarke’s parents have revealed their daughter kept herself alive long enough to tell paramedics enough information so her killer wouldn’t get away with what he did to their children.

Many who addressed the crowd spoke of Hannah's courage and love.

Councillor Fiona Cunningham addresses the crowd at the vigil. Image: AAP

Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said Hannah was able to give a detailed account of the attack while fighting for her life.

While many tried to remember the best of Ms Clarke and her children, many could not hide their grief over one of the state's worst acts of domestic violence.



'If There's A God Up There I Don't Think It's Fair': Neighbours Devastated Over Car Fire Deaths

A neighbour who had known Hannah Clarke for more than 26 years said the death of the loving mother and her three young children was 'beyond comprehension'.

The children died at the scene while Hannah died in hospital.

Baxter died from self-inflicted injuries, say police.

People leave messages and flowers. Image: AAP

A mass of flowers and children's toys were laid at the front of the vigil, while hundreds of condolence messages have been written by a community still in shock.

Nikki Brookes was a friend of Clarke, and had to hold back tears as she addressed the crowd.

She called for the commmunity to not turn a blind eye to domestic violence.

Image: AAP

"We are a nation in pain," she said.

"Don't back away from your friends for the sake of convenience.

"Time's up on domestic violence."