William Tyrrell Podcast Explores Haunting Images Of Spider-Man Suit In Bushland

10 Speaks podcast Where's William Tyrrell returns in 2020 to further explore the mysterious disappearance of the three-year-old from his foster grandmother's house in 2014.

A new episode of Where's William Tyrrell explores the explosive new information that came out in court about former person of interest Paul Savage, the details about a secret investigation to catch those responsible and the shock comment allegedly made by a senior police officer.

The new episode, released today, outlines all the new details revealed during the criminal hearing for former lead detective Gary Jubelin, as he fought allegations of illegally recording conversations with Savage.

While Savage has always denied any wrongdoing, new recordings, released by the court, reveal for the first time the reasons Jubelin considered Savage a person of interest, the lengths he went to investigate him and his theories about what may have happened to William.

One recording from May 2018, which is the subject of one of the criminal charges against him, was recorded on Jubelin's phone while he visited Savage's house.


The search continues for missing boy William Tyrrell. Image: AAP

In the recording, featured in the podcast episode, he urged Savage to tell him what he knows.

"If it is a case that you've done this and it was just a spur of the moment reaction ... and for whatever reason, something has gone wrong, whether it was an accident or just a brain snap for a moment," Jubelin told him.

"I don’t see this as, if you're involved in it, going to jail ... I see this as a possibility you get the treatment you need and we put to bed this case for the parents."

"If it is the case that it was an accident hit by the car or whatever I could understand how I would panic. I think anyone would panic.

"What I do know having done homicide for over a quarter of a century is that when people, whether it is an accident, all that, when they get it off their conscience the world is a better place because it’s a horrible thing to hang onto, and I’ve seen it time and time again."

The episode also details the covert operation police used while investigating Savage, which involved planting a replica Spider-Man suit along the bush track where Savage regularly walked and watched his reaction.

The Spider-Man planted by police in bushland. Image: 10 News First
William Tyrrell. Image: Supplied

Surveillance teams reported seeing him stop and look at the suit, which was captured on camera, before returning home.

Paul Savage was reported to be spotted walking through the bushland. Image: 10 News First

He didn’t report it until the following day.

The court also heard about Savage's propensity to talk to himself while he was home alone, which was often captured on covert listening devices inside his house.

On one occasion, he was overheard talking to someone he described as a little boy, saying “I'm gonna run into your property too in Gordon. this is my place, you do what I want. I’m not interested in your bullshit mate. You’re a little boy you’re nobody, you’re just a little boy you’re nobody. You do not tell me, I tell you. No way in the world.”

While police couldn’t be sure he said the word Gordon, the court was told Gordon is the suburb where William’s foster grandmother used to get off the train when she visited them in Sydney.

The Spider-Man planted by police in bushland. Image: 10 News First

The court also heard of the other covert operations targeting Savage, including two involving undercover officers.

The first was a female undercover officer who posed as a PhD student researching the impact the case as had on the town of Kendall.

The second was another female undercover officer posing as a clairvoyant.

The court heard they came up with this strategy because it became evident that Savage believed in an afterlife because he would often talk to his dead wife Heather.

William Tyrrell disappeared from a home in Kendall, NSW, in 2014. Image: AAP

Neither operation resulted in any new information.

Savage has always denied any involvement in William's disappearance and the court heard he is no longer an "active person of interest".

The new episode also details the allegations against senior police and William's foster parents' anger about the current state of the investigation.