Tributes Flow For Hannah Clarke And Three Kids After Car 'Doused In Petrol And Set Alight'

There has been an outpouring of grief and love for a "beautiful" mum and her children after they were reportedly killed by the family's estranged father in a horrific car fire in Brisbane.

Hannah, a 31-year-old fitness coach, died on Wednesday night after succumbing to severe burns sustained in the car fire, which police believe was deliberately lit by her estranged husband, Rowan Baxter.

Hours earlier, the pair's three children -- Laianah, age six, Aaliyah, four, and Trey, three -- had died in the fire, on a quiet street in the Brisbane suburb of Camp Hill.

Rowan was also pronounced dead at the scene.



Mother Dies In Hospital After Family Killed In Car Fire

The mother of three children who were killed in a car fire with their father in Brisbane has died in hospital after suffering severe burns in the tragedy.

Prior to his death, Rowan had posted online comments saying he missed his children.

Rowan and Hannah married in 2012 but it's understood they had recently separated and were trying to work out custody arrangements.

They were not involved in any proceedings in the Family or Federal Court.

Hannah and her three kids. Image: Facebook

Friends and strangers alike have shared grief-filled tributes to Hannah and her children, calling them "angels".

Hannah's brother wrote in a statement that his family had "been torn apart".

"[Women] and children should never have to suffer what they had to," he wrote on Facebook.

"My family has been torn apart as I am sure a lot of people who knew these amazing kids and my beautiful sister are. My sister Hannah Clarke/ Baxter always tried her best to bring joy to all those around her and only ever wanted the best for her kids."

Brisbane residents also left tributes at the scene, the nearby area covered with flowers and notes.

Korri Loader, a childhood friend of Hannah, placed flowers and cried at the scene, saying "you can't put it into words".

"It doesn't feel real. It doesn't feel like it's her," she told 10 News First.

"She lived, breathed, would do anything for those kids ... she's the definition of love, family."

Floral tributes at the scene of the Camp Hill car fire. Image: 10 News First

A relative of Hannah has started an online fundraising page for funeral costs.

"For all those who knew Hannah or had even just met her once would know how much of a beautiful soul she was, her children were her life," she wrote.

"All she ever wanted was happiness. Her children were only a reflection of her. Gorgeous happy kids who held a massive piece in my heart and I’m sure many others cause that’s exactly what they were like."

Hannah and Trey. Image: Facebook.

Another woman, claiming to be a friend, posted on Facebook that she was devastated.

"Walking into school will never be the same without your bright smile and bubbly 'good morning Jess'," she wrote.

"Our girls were besties from day one of prep ... and she will always hold Aaliyah in her heart forever. I'm shocked, numb, saddened and angry. Most of all though I am relieved that you are now with your babies in heaven."

Another woman, who said she was a long-time friend of Hannah's, said: "Today the world feels like a much darker place".

"My heart is broken for Hannah and her family. I just can’t comprehend it," she added.

Police examine the burnt-out vehicle at Camp Hill. Image: 10 News First

Another friend said the mum and her kids "are with the angels now".

"Your aura would bring light and happiness to any room you were in. You will be so missed," the woman said of Hannah.

"I will cherish these memories dearly and I promise to love my babies as much as you did yours. I idolised you as a mother, you were super mum. Fly high beautiful."

Countless strangers, too, posted tributes to the mum and her children.

"I do not know you but as one person living in Brisbane to another, I mourn with you," one person wrote.

"I honestly can not believe in this day and age that this happened with all the help out there... the families on both sides will be devastated at such a loss - those poor little angels," another said.

Hannah and Rowan with their three kids. Image: Facebook

Police are still investigating the incident.

“I’ve seen some horrific scenes, this is up there with the [worst] of them," Detective Inspector Mark Thompson, of Queensland Police, said on Wednesday.

Police said "investigations surrounding the events which unfolded at the scene are continuing."