Fake Nun Hides In Convents For Two Years While On Run From Police

A woman evaded prison for two years by posing as a Catholic nun and hiding in convents throughout Italy.

Since 2017, the woman had been posing as a nun with health problems and hid out in various convents in the Lombardy and Piedmont regions of Italy, according to The Local.

The 47-year-old woman was finally arrested in northern Italy last week and sentenced to two years in prison after a nun became suspicious about her identity.

A nun on the run hide in convents for two years to avoid authorities. Image: Getty

The sister called police, who discovered the fake nun was carrying a stolen ID card and that she was wanted in Sicily over fraud charges.

The nun informer told police the woman’s stories “were full of contradictions” and she often changed her version of events, according to Il Globo.

The nuns at one of the convents said she claimed to be the niece of one of their sisters, while in another convent she posed as a mother superior, The Guardian reported.

Nuns said the woman's stories about her identity were not consistent. Image: Getty

The woman from Acqui Terme near Alessandria, who has not been named, has now been hit with additional charges of claiming a false identity.

Italy has a history of criminals using religious disguises to avoid being caught by authorities.

One Sicilian mafia boss Bernardo Provenzano dressed as a bishop to evade police detection during his 43 years on the run.

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