Two Women Charged With Conspiring To Murder Sydney Man

A Sydney judge has ordered two women to stay behind bars after the pair were charged with plotting to murder a man.

Marissa Tofield and Claire Dawson, both in their 20s, faced a Sydney court on Saturday accused of plotting to murder Dawson's former partner and father of her child.

Investigations first began in December, after authorities received information about a conspiracy to murder Raimondo Corak-Phan, 30, from Sydney’s east.

On Friday, officers searched two units in the city's inner-west before arresting Corak-Phan's former partner Dawson, 28, and her friend Tofield, 27.

During the searches, police allege they found cannabis, methylamphetamine, mobile phones, laptops and documents.

Dawson is accused of conspiring to drug her former partner Corak-Phan. Image: Facebook

Both women were charged with conspiring and agreeing to murder any person.

In court, detectives alleged that Dawson and Tofield had discussed over the phone details of a plot that involved giving Corak-Phan a lethal dose of the drug GHB.

The plan was not enacted.

Raimondo Corak-Phan. Image: Facebook

On Saturday, both women were refused bail, with the magistrate saying there was a strong prosecution case against them.

Tofield, a transgender woman, became hysterical when she was told she would be going to a male prison.

Tofield is accused of conspiring to drug Corak-Phan with GHB. Image: Facebook

"Please I beg you," she yelled at the magistrate inside the court.

"Please I beg you, I don't want to go to jail."

The court also heard that Corak-Phan is also currently in jail, accused of seriously assaulting Dawson.

Corak-Phan and Dawson are parents to a toddler boy.

Tofield and Dawson will front court again next week.