Man Charged After Allegedly Importing 300 Illegal Weapons

A 49-year-old man has been charged with allegedly importing 300 illegal weapons after a tip-off from the Australian Border Force (ABF). 

Between November 18 and 19 this year ABF officials intercepted seven packages addressed to the same person.

Officers x-rayed the packages and found prohibited weapons concealed inside. These included a range of items including knuckle dusters, butterfly knives, and concealed knives.

More than 300 weapons were discovered. Image: NSW Police

Police were notified of the discovery and began an investigation in November. Their investigation led them to a home in Alma Road, Maroubra, in Sydney's east.

Police searched the house and found a further 250 weapons, including extendable batons, tyre spikes, an electronic control device, a slingshot, a ballistic vest, two compound bows and arrows, and more than 200 knives of different varieties.

Police also seized another 39 weapons from a Border Force storage facility.

Police also found a compound crossbow. Image: NSW Police.
There were knives of various sizes. Image: NSW Police.

The 49-year-old was charged with six counts of intentionally importing prohibited tier two goods and seven counts of possessing a prohibited weapon and will appear in Waverly Local Count on Thursday.

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