Four Suspects Hunted In 'Mission Impossible' $1 Billion Jewel Heist

German police are hunting four suspects in the daring jewel heist at Dresden's Green Vault, which the museum's director compared to "Mission Impossible".

Two of the suspects broke into the Green Vault in the historic complex in the early hours of Monday, making off with three jewellery sets studded with precious stones. Surveillance cameras recorded the break-in.

Police believe that two others were stationed outside the building. About 205 pieces of information have come in to the investigating team in the eastern German city .

Two members of the forensic team scour the scene after the break-in. Image: Getty

Previously they confirmed that two fires that broke out immediately before and after the theft were linked to the crime.

Green Vault director Dirk Syndram described the break-in as being close to impossible.

"Our security system was checked four years ago with the result that everything was tip-top," he told the regional Saechsische Zeitung newspaper.

It was almost like Mission Impossible what they did there.

Syndram expressed surprise at the speed with which the glass on the display case was broken. "What the security glass supplier told us has not been borne out," he said. The assumption had been that it would take 15 minutes with an axe to break it.

While the Green Vault remained closed to the public, the wider castle complex reopened on Wednesday.



Jewellery Worth Billions Of Dollars Stolen In Dramatic Museum Heist

Thieves have smashed display cases and grabbed priceless jewels from an eastern German museum in a lightning raid on one of Europe's greatest collections of treasures.

Visitors were fewer in number than normal, a member of staff at the cash desk said, as forensic experts continued their work in the jewel chamber.

Up to 100 objects may have been stolen from the sets, which consist of clasps, buttons, medals, epaulettes, sashes and ornaments for hats and canes, decorated with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

Image: Reuters.

The robbery was extremely well prepared and carried out, according to Olaf Richter, head of a 20-strong team of investigators.

The castle is also home to the famous Numismatic Cabinet, one of the largest collections of coins worldwide, and the Dresden Armoury.