Heavily Pregnant Woman 'Punched In Head 14 Times' During Late Night Cafe Attack

WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT: A woman who is 38 weeks pregnant, has been brutally attacked at a Sydney cafe after a man randomly approached her table and allegedly made a racist comment.

The woman, 31,  is recovering from her injuries after police allege she was viciously assaulted by a man not known to her, while she dined with friends.

The woman and two of her friends, all of whom wear hijabs were dining at an outside table at a restaurant in Church St Parramatta about 10.30pm last night when the alleged assault happened.

A heavily pregnant woman was allegedly attacked inside a Parramatta cafe. Image: 10 News First

Security vision shows the accused, 43, approach the group and a brief conversation takes place before he leans over and allegedly punches her at least 14 times to the head and then appears to stomp on her twice while she lay helpless on the ground.

The attack happened late on Wednesday night. Image: 10 News First

The court heard that police allege the accused made a racist comment to the woman before the attack.

“After making a comment about Muslims, you approached her and punched her to the head 14 times,” Magistrate Tim Keady said.

“The matters described here as violent, irrational and it is influenced as a mental health problem,” he said.

Police said the accused is not known to the woman, but he is known to police.

He is charged with affray and assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He was refused bail and will remain behind bars until at least next month.

The woman was released from Sydney's Westmead hospital on Thursday and is understood to be recovering at home.