Elderly Widow Bashed By 'Well Dressed' Intruder In Horrific Home Assault

WARNING, GRAPHIC: Patricia, 84, says she “doesn't want to be in this world anymore” because she feels so unsafe after she was savagely attacked by an intruder in her own home.

The great-grandmother was out buying flowers and groceries before she was seriously attacked in her bedroom by a male intruder in Sydney's North Turramurra on Saturday.

It's alleged the intruder fled out the front door after severely bashing the elderly woman, causing her to sustain a fractured nose, deep wounds and bruising to her neck and chest, according to NSW Police.

Patricia lost her husband earlier this year and moved into the Huon Park retirement village just six weeks before the attack, her daughter Caroline said in a passionate plea for information.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Caroline described her mother as an "eloquent" and "intelligent woman" and said she was "outraged" by the attack.

This has been a very, very shocking and distressing event in our family.

"Mum is a very strong lady and we'll help her get over this and get a home but this never should happen to the most vulnerable in our community," she said.

Caroline has urged her mother's attacker to come forward. Image: 10 News First

"I am extremely outraged. I am sad that my mother who's just lost her husband is now in this position."

She just doesn't want to be in this world anymore because she feels so unsafe.

Patricia had only just returned from a family trip last Tuesday where she visited her sister in Austria and saw the northern lights, her family said.

Caroline said her mother is fiercely independent and the family is not going to let the attacker "win".

"My mother still drives, she’s completely independent, she plays bridge, she does her Sudoku, she knits. She’s a very intelligent lady who takes a keen interest in news. She reads the paper from front to back," Caroline said.

Police have released a description of a potential suspect. Image: NSW Police

"It’s very important that she does go back (home) and that he doesn’t win when he’s forced her out of her home and environment," she said.

NSW Police said they conducted an extensive search of the local area on Tuesday and spoke with residents of the retirement village.

The attacker has been described as having tanned skin and being "well-dressed" with light-coloured pants and a jacket over a button-up shirt and tie at the time of the attack.



Elderly Woman Attacked At Retirement Village In 'Cowardly Act'

Police have described an attack on an elderly Sydney woman in her bedroom at a retirement village as an "appalling and cowardly act".

Officers have appealed for anyone in the area at the time of the attack who may have CCTV footage or information to contact them.

Caroline called her mother's attacker "the lowest of low" and urged him to hand himself into police.

"I would hope that if he has a mother or grandmother and this happened to them that he would be as outraged and as angry as we are as a family," Caroline said.

Come forward, don't be a coward. Come forward so our family can heal.

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