'A Senseless Attack': Dog Allegedly Brutally Murdered In Random Front Yard Stabbing

A family in regional Victoria is mourning the loss of their dog 'Ezra' after it was stabbed to death.

The "happy"  two-year-old Kelpie was fatally attacked while it was in the front yard of the family's home in Dederang, in the state's north east.

A dark blue Subaru Forester with black mag wheels, roof racks and a loud sports exhaust stopped outside the Tunnel Gap Road home on November 11 at 6pm, before an unknown man got out of the passenger side of the car.

It's alleged a man wearing a hoody jumped the fence of the family's home,  poured a poisonous substance on the canine and stabbed it several times.

Ezra's owner Rhiannon was in bed at the time of the alleged attack and told 10 News First she woke to the noise of Erza yelping in pain.

"I woke up to her yelping. She came running up and she was stumbling a lot," Rhiannon said.

"She was rubbing her face but I didn't know she'd been stabbed until I got closer to her and put my hand on her and patted her ... my hand was covering in blood."

Rhiannon said she was home alone at the time of the attack. She called her father Darryl who was in a town three hours away and told him what happened.  She then contacted a neighbour to get a lift to a nearby vet.

Darryl and Rhiannon's front yard. Image: 10 News First.

"I got a phone call ... she was pretty distressed at the time. She said a man has jumped the front gate and stabbed her dog," Darryl Symons told 10 News First.

Rhiannon, with the help of her neighbour, rushed Erza to the clinic where a vet was waiting for them to arrive. The next day a vet operated on Erza, but she was never to  make it through the surgery. After two hours on the operating table, she tragically passed away.

"It was a waiting game then and it didn't end the way we wanted it to," Darryl said.

Darryl said his family has been left fearing for their safety after the attack. He said it's unusual for a random attack of this kind to happen in a rural area.

Darryl and Rhiannon spoke to 10 News First's Jayde Cotic at thieir home. Image: 10 News First.

"I've been upset but now I am getting pretty angry to be honest," Darryl admitted.

"This is a senseless attack. If they have got a reason for it they certainly haven't shown the reason because we don't feel that we've got enemies ... They obviously wanted the dog dead and they have left nothing to chance."

Darryl said he had noticed the blue car in the area a number of times prior to the attack, but didn't think anything of it. Now, he and Rhiannon are left searching for a motive behind a seemingly random attack.

"They came here to do a job and they have done their job, but if it was for a reason I don't know what it is."

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