Hero Who Saved Young Girl From Sex Monster Sampieri Has Spoken About That Horrific Night

Nick Gilio risked his own life to rescue a little girl who was being tortured by Kogarah dance school rapist Anthony Sampieri - today a judge called Gilio a hero.

As the father walked to the witness box to read out his victim impact statement, he glared at the sex offender before wishing him “a life of pain darkness and misery” behind bars.

“A little confronting, but I mean I’d faced him once before; I’d do it again,” Gilio said outside court.

Gilio described for the judge the terrifying moment he wrestled Sampieri in the bathroom, a scalpel cutting into his skin as he was stabbed.

Anthony Sampieri Photo: 10 News First

“I feel as though a huge part of me has died.” He said.

Gilio wants a life sentence handed to Sampieri for the November 2018 attack.

“It went well today I’m confident that the sentence will carry weight. We just need to get some justice I think and quickly. Life and more I think” he said.

He paid a heavy price for intervening telling Sampieri’s sentence hearing that while the scars on his back have healed he suffers nightmares and flash backs.

“I’m ok with it now but always remembering there is a little girl out there who is suffering more than what I am or what anyone else is,” he told reporters.

“If there was another dad there on the day [I hope] that he would have done the same thing… I hope that if I wasn’t there someone else was.”

Police at the scene of the horrific crime. Photo: 10 News

The seven-year-old girl was held captive and sexually assaulted for almost an hour. The 55-year-old offender is facing more than a dozen charges the most serious of which has a maximum penalty of life in prison.

“I hope your incarceration will lead you to a life of pain darkness and misery – there is no forgiveness or rehabilitation for what you have done you must suffer,” Gilio said.

Sampieri has also pleaded guilty to harassing women in 94 offensive calls made in the lead up to the dance school attack.

He’ll be sentenced in coming months.