Cannabis Cookies, Popcorn Seized As Police Bust Mail-Order Drug Supply Ring

Police have busted an alleged marijuana supply ring sending mail-order drug packages all across Australia in the post.

Cannabis cookies, chocolate, jelly chews, popcorn and oil were found among other weed-related products in packages sent through the mail in Adelaide.

The total of 66 Express Post packages were intercepted by South Australia Police between October 29 and 31, and were addressed to different locations around the country.

"The AFP and its agency partners are well aware of this method of obtaining and distributing illicit drugs, and are committed to combating it by working proactively with freight companies and Australia Post," Australian Federal Police Detective Acting Superintendent Joshua Walsh said.

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Police found two different clandestine drug laboratories in two houses located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide as a result of an investigation started after the seizure of the packages.

Cannabis rosin and oil was being extracted in one the premises and then being used in the baking of cookies, confectionary slice, jelly chews, chocolate and popcorn in the other laboratory.

The packages were allegedly sent through the post. Image: Getty

Two men in their mid-30s were arrested and charged with 29 counts of trafficking and manufacturing a controlled drug.

They were granted bail and will have to face court on December 12.