Sydney Woman Cries While Alleging Chinese Film Star Raped Her

A Sydney woman has broken down while telling a jury a TV producer said "kiss me" in the hours before he and a Chinese film star allegedly raped her.

Jing Wang and film star Yunxiang Gao, both 37, have pleaded not guilty in the NSW District Court to multiple charges of rape and indecent assault following an incident at Sydney's Shangri-La Hotel in March 2018.

Wang has also pleaded not guilty to additional counts of rape and attempted rape. The men's barristers say all acts in Wang's hotel room were consensual.

The woman, who worked on a production with the pair but can't be publicly identified, told the jury on the night of the alleged rape she was in a CBD karaoke bar with some of the cast and crew.

Actor Yunxiang Gao pictured at the Downing Centre District Court in Sydney, Monday, October 21. Image: AAP

Wang sat down next to her, put his arm around her and later tried to kiss her.

"I moved my head away from him and I didn't want him to kiss me and he asked me 'kiss me'," she said, before tearing up.

Edited CCTV footage from the karaoke bar shows Wang seated next to the woman with his arm around her on several occasions over two hours.

Yunxiang Gao is a star so popular in China his lawyer likened him to Hugh Jackman in star power. Image: AAP

She said having Wang's arm around her didn't "feel weird" at first but she later felt uncomfortable - getting up to go to the toilet several times in the hope someone else would sit next to him.

The woman, Wang, Gao and other cast and crew later travelled back to the Shangri-La, where the Crown alleges the actor and producer raped her several times.

The trial continues.