Slender Man Victim To Be Interviewed For The First Time

Slender Man attack survivor Payton Leutner was only 12 when she was stabbed 19 times by her closest childhood friends. Five years on she is prepared to speak publicly about the horror she experienced.

Leutner was found bleeding on the side of a Wisconsin road, in the U.S. midwest in 2014.

The then 12-year-old had been at a sleepover when her two best friends, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, lured her into the woods and stabbed repeatedly.

It was alleged the attack was carried out to appease the fictional horror character Slender Man.

Anissa Weier (L) and Morgan Geyser. Image: CBS

Slender Man is a tall, thin, blank-faced fictional character who kills children.

Geyser was sentenced to 40 years for attempted first-degree intentional homicide, and Weier was sentenced to 25 years in a mental health facility.

Now, five years later, Leutner has recovered physically from the attack and is prepared to speak publicly about what happened to her for the first time.

The now 17-year-old is set to appear on US broadcaster ABC's 20/20 program, where she will discuss her memory of the event and how she feels about the attack now.



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The programme titled 'The Wicked' will also feature interviews with police investigators from the case.

Detectives Tom Casey and Michelle Trussoni recall the first interviews they had with Geyser and Weier.

Casey described Geyser as being "very calm".

"I mean, she's at a police department and she's covered in blood and … [it's as if] this is like a normal day for her," he told the programme.

It's understood the girls tried to kill Leutner to prove they were worthy in the eyes of Slender Man, fearful that he would kill their families otherwise.

Image: HBO's Beware The Slenderman / YouTube

During the investigation, Weier told police that she learned about Slender Man on Creepypasta Wiki -- an Internet collection of horror stories and legends.

"He can be anywhere from 6 feet to 14 feet tall," Weier allegedly told police.

"He's, like I said, a tall guy who constantly wears a suit. He doesn't have a face. His skin is white."

Police claimed the then 12-year-old explained the character strangles his victims with tendrils protruding from his back.

"I actually thought that he was real. Because I saw him," Weier allegedly told police.

"We were like, talking on the bus. I look out the window and I see this ... thing standing like this, with tendrils — looks exactly like a tree. There and gone like that," she said.

"I was really scared, knowing that Slender [Man] could easily kill my whole family in three seconds."