Child Victim Of Online Chat Room Sex Predator Speaks Out To Keep Others Safe

Alicia Kozakiewicz became friends with someone she thought was a 13-year-old boy in an online chatroom, but when she went to meet him she was kidnapped and held in a sex predator's basement in a horrifying ordeal.

Alicia was a smart and dedicated 13-year-old, so it didn't surprise her parents when she was ahead of the curve with learning about online chat rooms back in 2001.

That's where Alicia became friends with someone she thought was a 13-year-old boy.

"I was a naïve child, I wanted to believe that the world was good, I grew up in that bubble that parents sometimes keep their kids in to keep them safe."

They chatted online for eight months before Alicia agreed to meet in person.

That was where she discovered her online friend was, in fact, a 40-year-old sexual predator.

Alicia is speaking out against cyber predators. Image: 10 News First

"He held me in his basement dungeon where I was raped, beaten, tortured and suffered atrocities that nobody ever should."

For four days Alicia was chained to a floor. 

"I did whatever I had to to survive because my only goal was to stay alive long enough for somebody to find and rescue me".

Sex predator Scott Tyree live-streamed himself torturing Alicia.

A member of the public tipped the police off, which enabled them to track his location and arrest him.

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Since the day she was discovered in that basement, Alicia has dedicated her life in New York to telling her story in a bid to stop it happening to anyone else.

She travels the world attending cyber conferences, talking to school students and advising parents.

It's remarkable the way she is able to recall her story without reliving it and with such courage.

"I was one in a million chance of surviving. I am alive because police did an amazing job. I have to give back in some way, and this is my way."

17 years on, Alicia still has tough days, like last week for example, when Tyree was released two years early from his 19-year prison sentence. But he's already back in prison for breaching bail conditions by watching pornography.