Perth Man Accused Of Torturing Toddler With Cigarette Lighter And Boiling Water

A Perth student has been accused of using a cigarette lighter and boiling water to burn a two-year-old child in his care. 

Jaycob Anfernee John Yarran, 22, fronted Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday, charged with intent to harm and causing bodily harm.

It's alleged Yarran was caring for his victim and her four-year-old sister in a home in Maddington in southeast Perth, where his partner lives.

Yarran's partner is the aunt of the children.

Yarran faced a Perth court on Thursday. Image: 10 News First.
The home in Maddington where Yarran was with the children. Image: 10 News First.

During that time, Yarran allegedly used a cigarette lighter to inflict burns on the two-year-old's limbs and torso. He also put her hands in boiling water, resulting in third-degree burns.

Yarran later took the toddler to Perth Children's Hospital and allegedly told medical professionals the child had pulled a pot of hot noodles from a stove and onto herself.

After examining the child, doctors believed the child's injuries were "too symmetrical" to have been caused accidentally.

The two young girls. Image: 10 News First.

According to the ABC, police searched the home where Yarran was caring for the children and failed to find any trace of noodles. The alleged victim's sister was also interviewed by special child police and she told them Yarran was hurting her sister with a lighter.

Yarran was granted bail and will reappear in court in November.

Yarran will be back in court in November. Image: 10 news First.

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