Aya Maasarwe's Final Hours Captured On CCTV Footage

Murdered student Aya Maasarwe's movements just hours before she was brutally raped and killed were captured on CCTV footage. 

The grainy vision shows Maasarwe, 21, walking along a busy street in central Melbourne on her way to a social event to practice her English. Later that evening she went to a comedy gig with friends.

It was on the way home from that event that she was attacked by Codey Herrmann.

There is also CCTV footage of Herrmann, 21, before he committed his brutal crimes. He is seen in vision loitering around a Melbourne shopping centre in the hours before he attacked Maasarwe with a metal pole, dragged her into some bushes, raped her and then set her body on fire.

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The pole Maasarwe was attacked with. Image: AAP/ Victoria Police.

The plea hearing for Herrmann resumed on Wednesday morning. It was revealed that Maasarwe's family had tried to have the second day of proceedings postponed so they could travel from Israel to Melbourne to be present.

Justice Hollingworth refused the request because any delay would push Hermann’s sentencing date into next year.

The hedges where Aya's body was found. Image: AAP/ Victoria Police.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Carrol addressed the hearing on Wednesday, saying Herrmann has a severe personality disorder. He described him to the court as a “coiled spring of anger”... and, “for whatever reason, that burst forth at the time of the offence”.

This added to the assessment provided by Herrmann's lawyer Tim Marsh on Tuesday. He said misdirected rage had been blamed for his rape and murder of Massarwe.

"There is a core of anger in Mr Herrmann," Marsh said.

Codey Herrmann is back in court on Wednesday. Photo: Twitter/Candice Wyatt.

His horrific crimes were partly motivated by a "complex tapestry" of "dysfunction, disadvantage, social exclusion, misdirected rage and tragic opportunity," Marsh said

Herrmann was squatting in a condemned house and subsisted off shoplifted croissants and chocolate milk at the time of the murder. It's understood that he had been sleeping rough for a number of years and is enjoying the regular meals and safe sleeping space that prison offers.

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