Aya Maasarwe's Harrowing Final Moments Before Rape And Murder

Horrific details of murdered woman Aya Maasarwe's final moments and the tragic last words she spoke to her sister have been revealed to a Melbourne Court.

Aya Maasarwe, 21, was attacked from behind, raped and murdered in Bundoora in Melbourne's north on January 16 by Codey Herrmann, 20, who plead guilty to rape and murder in June this year.

A Palestinian with Israeli citizenship, Maasarwe was living in Australia as an exchange student, studying at Melbourne's La Trobe University.

She was attacked as she returned home from a comedy club in the city.

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For the first time since her death, graphic details of Maasarwe's final minutes that led to her violent death have been revealed.

Codey Herrmann has admitted to murdering Aya. Image: Twitter/Candice Wyatt.

Maasarwe was on the phone to her overseas-based sister when she hopped off a tram and started to walk home. The court heard she'd made the call as a safety precaution as she was travelling alone.

Her last words were in Arabic and heard by her sister who was still on the line when Herrmann pounced. Her final scream roughly translates to "you piece of shit". She was then hit by a pole.

The consequent attack, rape and murder of Massarwe took 15 minutes.  Herrmann's lawyer conceded he doesn't know how many times he hit the student with the pole.

The evidence claims she was struck four times initially, followed by another nine after he dragged Maasarwe's body into some hedges and sexually assaulted her.

The lawyer also said Herrmann didn't mean to strangle his victim.

The court heard it's unclear if Maasarwe was still alive when Herrmann covered her body in WD-40 spray and set her on fire using a barbeque lighter.

Aya was studying in Melbourne when she was killed. Image: Twitter/Candice Wyatt.

DNA was also found on weapons he used to hit Maasawre that he discarded after the crime.

A statement from Maasarwe's grieving mother was also read to the court by a prosecutor who fought back tears while speaking.

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“Why should I lose my daughter because of a reckless monster in the form of a human being without conscience or mercy," the letter read.

Herrmann appeared at the Melbourne court on Tuesday after failing to appear in June for an administrative matter.

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