Teen Drove Fake Ambulance Around For Several Months

A teenager accused of speeding through Melbourne in a fake ambulance has been hit with new criminal charges

A teenager accused of posing as an emergency worker and speeding through Melbourne in a fake ambulance has been slapped with new criminal charges.

The 18-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is charged with new offences stemming from his alleged purchase of a similar truck using a fake name in January, a children's court was told on Monday.

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It comes after the teenager was charged with dozens of offences for speeding through Melbourne in a fake ambulance over seven months in 2017.

The youth's lawyer said a plea offer for the latest allegations - between January and August this year - was being considered.

They include obtaining property by deception after the young man allegedly bought a vehicle from a car dealership while pretending to be someone else.

The vehicle was bought with the teenager's own money and the rest of the charges relate to his subsequent contact with the car dealership, including a refund obtained for the new vehicle, his lawyer said.

The youth was previously charged with 120 offences for allegedly driving a fake ambulance around Melbourne.

He is expected back in court on October 28.