'Black Widow' Ex-Stripper Guilty Of Murdering Two Lovers

A Melbourne ex-stripper has been found guilty of murdering her fiance in 2005 via her secret lover, who also died when she later arranged his violent death.

Falling in love with the beautiful Melbourne stripper Robyn Lindholm was rife with danger for the men who got close to her.

Described as a seductress who lured men to do her bidding, a femme fatale and a black widow, Lindholm can now also officially be dubbed a double-murderer.

Reportedly the ex-girlfriend of slain gangland identity Alphonse Gangitano, a jury has now found the former exotic dancer murdered her fiance George Templeton in 2005 at the hands of her "besotted" secret lover, Wayne Amey.

Templeton's body has never been found, but the jury heard during a seven-week trial he may have been shot at the Reservoir home the couple shared and his - possibly dismembered - body dumped in Port Phillip Bay.

George Templeton. Photo: AAP

Lindholm was charged with murder in 2016, but details of the case were heavily suppressed until a verdict was reached. Now she's been found guilty at trial, it can revealed she'll soon be jailed for murdering the man she'd grown to despise.

But the 46-year-old, who once used the stage name "Colette" and worked for strip club pioneer Maxine Fensom, is already in jail serving a 25-year sentence - for murdering Amey in 2013.

Initially denying the charge, Lindholm confessed she'd arranged the gym owner's death when their relationship soured, asking her new lover and another man to execute her "wicked design".

Lindholm was addicted to ice and living out of her car when she met Torsten Trabert, who was motivated by "an obsessive lust" when he ambushed Amey at a car park, bashed him with a baseball bat and threw him into a car boot.

Amey was stabbed several times, strangled and had his legs hog-tied. His dead body was wrapped in canvas, hidden between boulders, and covered with sticks and rocks at Mt Korong.

Lindholm, who slept with Trabert at a secluded spot after the murder, had already asked two other ex-lovers to kill Amey.

Robyn Jane Lindholm pleaded guilty to murdering gym owner Wayne Amey arrives at the Melbourne Supreme court for sentencing in 2015. Photo: AAP

During her murder trial this year, the jury heard Templeton died after Lindholm fed him a "hearty" steak and pepper sauce meal and shots of Greek brandy, visiting a friend after dinner so she'd have an alibi while Amey did her bidding.

A week later, police organised a televised press conference seeking public assistance over the missing man, with Lindholm smiling and relaxed before changing into "the grieving girlfriend" when the cameras started rolling.

Lindholm's run of luck ended after she bragged about Templeton's death, telling a fellow prisoner: "I slit his f***ing throat and as he came it was the best orgasm I ever had", adding she got covered in warm blood.

On another occasion, she told a man she'd beaten Templeton to death with a fire poker after drugging his pepper steak, having turned the music up loud to drown out the noise.

Lindholm will return to court on October 24 for plea hearing before Justice Christopher Beale before he decides on her sentence.