Owners Reveal The Threatening Letters Sent Before Dogs Were Killed

Letters threatening to kill two barking dogs have been released, as police hunt for the dogs' alleged killer.

The two Jack Russell terriers, Lucky and Jackie, were found dead at their home on Saturday in Mackay, Queensland.

Prior to their deaths, owners Glen and Brooke Anderson had received "abusive and threatening letters" about the barking dogs, Queensland Police said.

Lucky was found dead in the family's yard. Photo: Queensland Police

The Anderson family shared the two letters online, which threaten to report and bait the dogs because of their barking.

"Shut your f***ing dogs up or they will get reported. That is a $250.00 fine," one of the letters said.

"If that doesn't get work it will get a bait droped(sic) over the fence and that will shut it up for good."

The second letter also threatens the dogs with baits.

The letters the Anderson family received. Photo: Brooke Anderson

Queensland Police and the RSPCA are investigating the incident, which carries a maximum sentence of three years or a $252,300 fine under state law.

CCTV has been released by police of a person hand-delivering a document to the family's letterbox on Wheeler Drive, Glenella prior to the dog's deaths.

Jack Russel terrier Jackie died in a suspected dog-baiting incident. Photo: Queensland Police

The Anderson family found Jackie in an "agitated" state when they returned home on Saturday evening. The sick dog died in their arms 15 minutes later.

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The next day, Lucky was found dead between two pot plants in the backyard.

An autopsy will be conducted on the two dogs as investigations continue.