Family Dogs Threatened Hours Before Beloved Pets Found Dead

A family has been left heartbroken after their beloved Jack Russel terriers were found dead in their home in what's believed to have been a dog-baiting incident.

Queensland Police say two "abusive and threatening" letters were hand-delivered to the Mackay family's mailbox on Saturday while the family was away.

The abusive letters were regarding the family's two pet dogs 'Jackie' and 'Lucky' and detailed threats related to the dogs'  barking.

Jack Russel terrier Jackie died in a suspected dog-baiting incident. Photo: Queensland Police

When the family returned home on Saturday evening, they discovered Jackie in an "agitated" state.

Within 15 minutes the Jack Russel terrier was dead.

Lucky was found dead in the family's yard the next day.

Police are now conducting autopsies on the two dogs to determine the cause of death and are hunting for a suspect who they believe baited the two beloved pets.

Lucky was found dead in the family's yard a few hours later. Photo: Queensland Police

CCTV released on Tuesday shows a person delivering a document into a letterbox at the family's Wheeler Drive, Glenella address and police are now urging anyone who may be able to identify the person to come forward.

They are also calling on anyone else who may have information related to suspected dog baiting or has also been threatened over their pets to contact police.

Under Queensland law, deliberate acts of cruelty carry a maximum of 3 years imprisonment or a $252,300 fine.

Anyone convicted of feeding or administering a harmful substance with the intention of a killing an animal faced a one-year jail sentence or a $37,000 fine.

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