This Is What William Tyrrell Would Look Like Today

Exclusive: Experts have used facial technology to produce a projection of what William Tyrrell would look like today, aged eight years old.

The age progression image was generated by Newcastle University criminologist Xanthe Mallett and her team using the latest technology.

It’s been five years since William vanished from his foster grandmother’s yard in Kendall, on the NSW Mid North Coast, on September 12, 2014. He would be eight years old.

A world-renowned criminologist, Dr Mallett created the striking image with her forensic services company.

This is what William Tyrrell could look like today, at age eight.

“He will have changed quite a lot in the intervening five years so it helps people imagine what he would potentially look like now,” Mallett said.

“It's actually based on the anatomy and understanding how the soft and hard tissues work together, and how they change over time.

“Most interestingly for a child, the dentition would've change. Their adult teeth would've come through and that would have changed the lower part of William's face.”

William Tyrrell, minutes before he disappeared. Photo: AAP

The updated look at the toddler gripped the hearts of locals in the small town of Kendall, when they were shown the image by 10 News First.

“It'd be really sad to lose him and to see him as that now that will be really traumatizing to see as a parent,” local woman Rhiannon McArdle said.

“Coming into his own… he's been deprived of a lot of things because of this disappearance,” added Mark Flanagan.