'Vile' Graffiti Attack On Mosque With Swastika, Christchurch Killer's Name Spray-Painted On Walls

A swastika, a racist meme and the words 'St Tarrant' have been sprayed onto the wall of a mosque in Brisbane, as politicians call out the "vile" attack.

The mosque at Holland Park, in Brisbane's south, has been daubed with white spray paint by vandals. Spray painted on the front walls of the building  'St Tarrant' -- seemingly a reference to the alleged Christchurch mosque shooter -- and a Nazi swastika.

Also included were the words 'remove kebab', a vile Islamophobic racist meme and song -- which Tarrant referenced in his manifesto, wrote in paint on his gun, and played on the stereo in his car before his March mosque shooting massacre, which left 50 worshippers dead.

Queensland Police told 10 daily they were investigating an act of "wilful damage" at the location.

A photo of the graffiti was posted online by Ali Kadri, spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Queensland. He wrote "hate is alive" and "this won't define our nation".

Kadri told 10 daily that it is believed the graffiti occurred between 2.30am and 4am on Wednesday and that the mosque would hand over CCTV footage to the police.

"This is very scary," he said.

"People are afraid, for their safety and their children. The mosque is a community centre, people come here with family and children. After Christchurch, the fear is real, this is not just words anymore."

Kadri said the reference to the 'remove kebab' meme, as well as calling Tarrant a "saint", was the "work of a highly-radicalised individual."

Tarrant, appearing in court in New Zealand. Photo: Getty

In a statement, the National Imams Council called the incident "reprehensible".

"At its core are sentiments of hate, violence and harassment," the council said.

"An incident such as this highlights the importance of having adequate laws to protect against conduct which vilifies, harasses or incites hatred or violence, towards any person because of their religion."

"The Australian Muslim community is reeling from this incident. It is up to us as a nation to show that these acts do not define us."

Labor MPs Terri Butler -- who represents the Brisbane electorate of Griffith -- and opposition multicultural affairs spokesperson Andrew Giles, released a joint statement condemning the graffiti.

Labor MP Terri Butler was among those who slammed the vandalism. Photo: AAP

"The hateful and divisive vandalism at the Holland Park Mosque this morning was bigoted, disgusting and unacceptable. Labor stands with the Islamic community against such vile conduct," the MPs said.

"The Brisbane Southside community is close-knit and caring. The Mosque is a part of that community, having been there for more than a century. The support from locals vastly exceeds the ill-intent demonstrated by the coward who committed this act of vandalism."

10 daily has contacted the mosque for comment.