Woman Reported 'Dispute' To Police Before 'Brutal' Murder

More details have emerged about the lead-up to a woman being found dead in her own home after going missing for two weeks.

On March 23, Melbourne woman Vicki Ramadan made her way to a local police station where she reported a dispute with someone.

Within days, or perhaps even hours, the 77-year-old widow was brutally attacked and murdered inside her own home.

Her visit to the police station was the last time anyone saw or heard from Ramadan before a neighbour discovered her body inside her Marlborough Way home 14 days later.

Image: AAP/Victoria Police

Now, after five months of investigation, detectives believe they have both a suspect and a motive, potentially linked to the very dispute Ramadan reported on the last day she was seen alive.

But detectives say they can't provide Ramadan's family with the answers they are desperately waiting for, until witnesses come forward and confirm anything they can about the dispute she reported.

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Detective Inspector Tim Day says he is confident Ramadan told someone in about her dispute and who it was with. He's now pleading for anyone with any information, "no matter how small or insignificant", to come forward.

“Vicki would always generate conversation wherever she went,” Day said.

“She was known to be very friendly and would always chat to local shop keepers especially in the Watergardens area."

“We are particularly keen to speak to any of the local traders who had a discussion with Vicki just prior to her death about a dispute she was involved in, especially who the dispute was with and what it involved.”

Image: Kristina Costalos

In the early days of the investigation, a house across the road from Ramadan -- where squatters resided -- was identified as a potential line of inquiry, but detectives today confirmed that was no longer the case.

Day refused to reveal any information about the suspect, but confirmed they were one of hundreds of people that police have spoken to in their investigation.

'Unbelievable, Cowardly act'

"This was a brutal attack on a vulnerable woman who suffered horrific injuries in the safety of her own home," Day told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday.

Day was joined by Ramadan's two sons, Dennis Ramadan and Edji  Zenel, who are desperate for the community's help to solve the missing piece to the "jigsaw puzzle".

"No one should die in the way our mother did. It was pretty horrendous," a visibly emotional Dennis said.

"An elderly lady that lived on her own, she was independent, she did not deserve to die in that manner."

Dennis described his mother as an "independent and strong" woman who had migrated to Australia from Yugoslavia, and lived alone after the death of her husband.

"She wouldn't take any s**t from anyone," he said.

Edji said his mother's death had been hard for the family to come to terms with, but now they just want answers.

"We don't want anyone else to go through the same type of pain that we have gone through," he said.

Dennis and Edji speak to reporters on Wednesday. Photo: Victoria Police

Ramadan's sons believe it was their mother's 'strong' and 'fiery' independence that led her not to tell them about the dispute she had been having.

"She was always a hard woman, a fiery woman, so if anyone tried to pull the wool over her eyes, she wouldn't tolerate it," Edji said.

"Some coward has picked on an elderly lady, a frail 77-year-old. To do this, it's unbelievable, a cowardly act."

Police say they have returned to the crime scene several times over the last five months in the hopes of finding clues about Ramadan's death. They have obtained CCTV footage, but Day would not disclose what it showed.

Police are continuing to ask for anyone with information to come forward.

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