Base Jumpers' Death-Defying Leap From 40-Storey Building In CBD

This is one way to spice up your morning work commute -- a group of base jumpers terrified people on their way to work during the morning rush, hurtling off a huge building in the Perth CBD as others headed to the office.

At least two people jumped from the Exchange Tower in Perth's CBD -- a 150-metre, 40-storey building -- around 8.45am.

Two people were captured on video jumping from one of the building's highest points, plummeting to the ground before suddenly opening parachutes and gliding to safety, but up to four were involved, according to some witnesses.

Photo: Reddit

Western Australia police were not immediately able to comment. The management of the tower, contacted by 10 daily, responded "no comment".

It is unclear how the people made their way to the top of the building before many commuters had even made their way to the office on Tuesday.

Photo: Reddit

A witness told 10 daily the jumpers had landed safely and then "legged it as you would expect."

"Sure the police will be hot on their tails for this unadulterated yewing," they joked.

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