Boys Become Trapped In Garbage Truck After Hiding In Dumpster

Two youths have had a "lucky escape" after being dumped in the back of a garbage truck while hiding from security and only escaped after the truck was driven right to the police station.

Victoria Police said the boys, aged 11 and 14, got stuck in the garbage truck after hiding in a dumpster near a shopping centre in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The boys were allegedly hiding from security after they had earlier been at a shopping centre at Broadmeadows around 4am.

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However, their hiding spot soon proved to be their downfall, when a garbage truck came by to collect the dumpster -- with the trash, and the two boys, unloaded into the rubbish truck.

The two boys were said to have hidden in a dumpster. Stock photo: Getty

Police said the day got even worse for the boys when the truck actually drove right to the nearby Broadmeadows police station for the next waste collection.

"The driver heard the boys pleading from the back of the truck to be let out," VIC Police said.

"The driver sought the assistance from Broadmeadows Police to remove the pair who were known to police."

The boys sustained minor injuries and were assessed by paramedics, but police took no further action.