Mother's Horror As Pedophile Who Killed Her Daughter To Be Set Free

Pedophile and murderer Michael Guider will walk free in days.

Child killer and notorious paedophile Michael Guider will be released as early as this week after the New South Wales Attorney-General lost a legal battle to keep him locked up. Instead the 68-year-old will be set free and supervised for five years.

Tess Knight was among a packed public gallery awaiting the judgement which took a matter of seconds to be handed down.

His Honour Justice Richard Button saying, “I have imposed a five-year extended supervision order of great stringency” before adjourning. Leaving victims and their families sobbing in the back of the court.

Guider has been in jail since February 1996 for dozens of child sex offences and the manslaughter of nine-year-old Bondi schoolgirl Samantha Knight. He has never revealed her final resting place.

“I thought about whether I'm disappointed and I'm, I'm not disappointed I am angry. Most of us have a full-time job managing our trauma,” Samantha’s mother Tess said.

Samantha Knight.

“There will be no body to find anymore. It's a long time, but he hasn't given me and my family and Samantha's friends, any details of what happened that day. He claims that he can't remember.”

She’s worried Guider will re-offend.  “I want to be clear that this is actually not about punishment. It's not punitive. This is about prevention.”

Victim's mother Tess Knight speaks to the media outside the NSW Supreme Court in May. Photo: AAP

"I see the effect that this has on the people that he abused as children now and now young adults. It's more horrendous than you can imagine.”

“It's time for all of us to be angry. We do the best we can with the current systems, but maybe it's time to consider whether the current systems need to change.”

Upon release, Guider must adhere to 56 stick conditions and if he fails, he’ll end up back in prison. He will be electronically monitored and must submit a schedule of movements, meaning if he wants to do something a simple as going to the shops to buy groceries, he’ll need approval first.

The paedophile has also been banned from going near children or places they visit such as parks and pools, and he’s not allowed to change his appearance. He’s not allowed to view violent or sexual films, engage the services of sex workers or take drugs. All of his online activities will be watched closely too.

On deciding to release guider Justice Button said; “whilst it could not be said definitively that the defendant’s sexual interest in children had disappeared… the defendant has done all that can be done in terms of rehabilitation in a prison setting”.

Finding “…that a further period of incarceration would not serve any rehabilitate purpose”.

Adding; “Three experts highly experienced in psychology and psychiatry all agreed the that the defendant’s risks can be reasonably managed under stringent and lengthy orders.”