Police Launch True Crime Podcast To Solve Shooting Mystery

A pair of suspected criminals are still at large after they allegedly shot a man in the stomach in 2018.

In what appears to be an Australian-first, Victoria Police have launched a podcast to help solve a robbery and shooting case from 2018.

Police are no further in solving the crime, and so have teamed up with Crime Stoppers to launch a true crime podcast, analysing the case in the hope of someone coming forward.

"The theft of four firearms from a rural property in March 2018 would set off a chain of events resulting in an armed robbery, and the shooting of an innocent man. This crime remains unsolved today," a police media release said.

The next day, at least two of the stolen firearms would be used in a robbery at the Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre in Mulgrave, south-east of Melbourne.

Two men caught on CCTV were seen taking a quantity of cash from a gaming venue, but as they ran back to their vehicle with patrons chasing after them, fired a shot.

The first man involved in the alleged crime with a firearm believed to have been stolen. Photo: Victoria Police.
The second man with a firearm and guitar case. Photo: Victoria Police.

The bullet struck the ceiling and ricocheted, hitting a male patron in the stomach.

The man survived, but police are concerned the people responsible are still at large in the community -- which is why they've launched Warning Shot, a true crime podcast examining the case.

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Previously, police released a digital composite image of a man they wish to speak to in relation to the incident.

Hosted by Crime Stoppers founder and true crime author Geoff Wilkinson, Warning Shot will include details of the crime in focus, witness interviews and commentary from Armed Crime squad investigators, in the hope of encouraging people with information to come forward.

Police released this digital composite image of a man they wish to speak to in relation to the incident. Photo: Victoria Police.

“Warning Shot is a true story, the victims are real people, and we know that someone listening will have information that can help bring them justice," Detective Inspector Dean Thomas of the Armed Crime Squad said on Monday.

“These are brazen criminals, and we need to get them off Victorian streets. We implore anyone with information to come forward and share what they know."

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True crime podcasts have exploded in popularity since Serial, examining the murder of student Hai Min Lee, was launched in 2014, remaining one of the most downloaded podcasts of all time and winning a prestigious Peabody Award.

However, police are usually either the (willing or unwilling) participants, or else not involved at all. A police department in southern California launched the podcast Countdown to Capture in 2018 to help track down Peter Chadwick, the millionaire accused of murdering his wife who disappeared before his case went to trial. Chadwick was captured just less than a year later, although it's not clear if the podcast assisted.

You can listen to Warning Shot on Spotify or iTunes.

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