Triple Killer Smirks As He Walks Free From Jail

After almost 40 years in prison, triple murderer and cop-killer Berwyn Rees walked out of his cell at Silverwater jail in Sydney.

The assassin struggled to get into a waiting van upon his release. As he drove past waiting cameras he smirked at reporters who asked whether he had a message for his victim’s families – who are devastated he’s free.

Now 70 years old Rees went on a killing spree in the late 70s and early 80s, executing two men during an armed robbery at a Bondi Junction gun shop. Before murdering police officer Keith Haydon, who was responding to reports of shots fired near Lake Macquarie in 1980.

Despite petitions and legal challenges, the parole board decided Rees was no longer a risk and decided to set him free.

Berwyn Rees leaving jail. Photo: 10 News

Rees will be the most heavily monitored parolee in the state after the Correctives Commissioner afforded him the same status as a high-risk terrorist. Rees will be monitored 24 hours a day and he must ask authorities for permission before he goes anywhere.

If he wants to go grocery shopping, for example, that will need to put on a schedule for approval before it happens. For now, he’s headed to a halfway house after 38 years behind bars.

A Corrective Services NSW spokeswoman said the Commissioner Peter Severin has used special legislation to force Rees to adhere to extra conditions upon his release. It’s only the second time the laws, introduced in 2006 for child killer John Lewthwaite, have been used.

Corrective Services Minister Anthony Roberts said;

“The offender is subject to 21 tough parole conditions and directions. Community Corrections will be closely managing the offender and will advise the State Parole Authority if they have any concerns.”

Adding; “The Authority is empowered to revoke parole if there is a breach of conditions or there are serious and immediate concerns for community safety.”

Police Association President Tony King said his release was 'disgraceful'.

“The three life sentences he received were correct. No one who shot and killed a serving police officer should ever have the benefit of re-joining society and walking freely around the streets," King said.

Raymond James' daughter. Mr James was killed by Berwyn Rees in the 1970s. Photo: AAP

“This disgraceful parole decision is an insult to the memory of the victims and shows no regard for the importance of their lives."

Rees is not allowed to own a gun or go near his victim’s families and is banned from several suburbs in Sydney and the Newcastle area. He’ll be on parole until the day he dies, meaning the conditions will remain in place until then.

Despite petitions and public outcry, all legal avenues were exhausted, meaning Rees was to be released no later than  August 30 2019.