Man Behind 'Horrifying, Depraved, Disgusting' Murder Never To Be Released

Michael Cardamone, 50, was convicted of one of the most brutal murders in Australian history and wanted a chance at parole.

Cardamone tortured and murdered his neighbour in "horrifying, depraved and disgusting" circumstances.  He applied for a judgement for leave to appeal which would then give him an option to get parole.

Today, the court denied his leave to appeal.

Cardamone was on parole for raping a 15-year-old girl when he murdered his 49-year-old neighbour Karen Chetcuti-Verbunt, attacking her as she watered her vegetable garden in January 2016.

He sedated the Whorouly woman with a horse tranquilliser and held her prisoner for hours. What followed was cruel and horrifying.

Karen Chetcuti-Verbunt.

He tied her up with rope and duct tape, then injected her with battery acid and beat her.

It didn't end there. Cardamone then doused Chetcuti-Verbunt with petrol, setting her on fire while she was still alive, before running over her dead body with his car.

In August 2017, when handing down the sentence, Lex Lasry called Cardamone's crime "horrifying, depraved and disgusting".

Michael Cardamone.

Cardamone became the first killer without a prior murder conviction to be handed a life sentence without the chance of release.

Cardamone's lawyer Dermot Dann argued the punishment was excessive and is usually reserved for people who had killed multiple times.

In their judgement, the court of appeal labelled the murder as a "horrendous crime committed in the most appalling way".

"The murder was pre-mediated and committed in circumstances of the utmost cruelty" the judgement read.

"The sentence of life imprisonment, with no parole period was a dreadful punishment. The Court of Appeal observed that is was, however, a punishment for a dreadful crime."

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