Security Guard Lectured Mother Of Little Girl He Kidnapped And Assaulted

A DFO security guard who indecently assaulted a little girl has been jailed.

Mohammad Hassan Al Bayati’s job was to protect shoppers at the DFO in Homebush – instead, he did the exact opposite when he grabbed a three-year-old girl from the playground led her away and indecently assaulted her.

Al Bayati was handed two and a half years jail for the incident that happed during the busy pre-Christmas shopping rush before Christmas 2016. The 30-year-old still denies anything happened despite chilling security vision showing his every move.

The little girl’s mother had left her and her sister to play while she shopped nearby. When the three-year-old became distressed other parents called security guard Al Bayati over. Al Bayati checked on the girl before leaving her to play, only to circle back and kidnap the girl.

Al Bayati outside court in 2018. Photo: AAP

CCTV shows him leading her away from the play area and into a nearby fire escape. Pulling her down the dark hallway by the hand before they disappear around the corner out of the view of security cameras. It’s there that he indecently assaulted the little girl, in an ordeal that lasted about 13 minutes.

“It must be every parent’s worst nightmare to have their child taken in a shopping centre and subjected to such behaviour,” Judge John Pickering said.

Al Bayati faced up to 14 years jail for the offences but got a maximum of 4 and a half years in prison because the judge found his behaviour wasn’t the worst kind of offending.

After the assault, he returned the little girl to the playground and lectured her mother for leaving her alone. It was only later when the three-year-old went for a walk with her father that afternoon that she told him “the policeman (security man) tried to kiss my bum bum”.

CCTV footage from DFO of Al Bayati and the girl.

When police began investigating, they found the security footage and DNA on the outside on the little girl's underpants. Al Bayati told officers he was just trying to return the girl to her mother and had taken a “short cut” through the fire escape to get to a toy shop where he thought her mother might be shopping. This was despite there being a public escalator just metres away.

A jury also found he exposed himself to the little girl but to this day Al Bayati denies anything happened.

Judge Pickering took into account the refugee's tragic past and traumatic journey to become an Australian but didn’t consider it an excuse for the offending. Al Bayati fled war-torn Iraq and came by boat to Australia and was held at Christmas Island Detention Centre for 10 months.

He’ll be eligible for parole on 14 July 2021.