Woman Allegedly Stabbed Young Daughter And Others In Supermarket Knife Attack

A woman has been charged with a myriad of offences after she allegedly stabbed a number of people, including her own child, with a knife.

A 26-year-old woman who was allegedly armed with at least one knife was walking along a road in Salamander Bay, in the NSW Hunter region, with her five-year-old daughter on Tuesday afternoon.

The woman allegedly got into the back seat of a car that was stopped at Scott Circut at around 5.40 pm.

She allegedly stabbed the 45-year-old male driver with the knife, causing minor cuts to his shoulder, as his 15-year-old daughter looked on.

The man attempted to flee from the scene in his car after the woman got out of the vehicle and continued to walk down the road towards a supermarket.

As she approached the supermarket, with her five-year-old daughter still in toe, a number of members of the public attempted to stop the woman who was openly holding the knife in her hand. One of the people was armed with a chair as they confronted her.

The woman allegedly stabbed people inside this supermarket. Photo: Steve Hart/ 10 News First.

A 44-year-old man exited the supermarket and also attempted to speak to the woman when she allegedly lunged at him with a knife, stabbing him in both the chest and the back.

The woman then entered the store and was locked inside by brave and quick-thinking shoppers. Inside the store, the woman allegedly chased down a 50-year-old man and stabbed him in the back.

The woman also allegedly turned her weapon on her daughter and allegedly stabbed her in the head several times before dragging her around the shop by her hair for a short while.

Witnesses who saw the alleged incident from outside the store were most concerned with the five-year-old girl's safety.

"We held the door shut until the police came but three times we tried to open it to get the little girl out and the fourth time we grabbed her knife. She dropped it ... we grabbed the knife and slid it out and that's when we just held the door shut," Gary Price who witnessed the alleged attack from outside the store told 10 News First.

Gary Price witnessed the attack from outside the store. Photo: Steve Hart/ 10 News First.

"She was just yelling and screaming and she said she was going to kill me," Price said.

"It had blood all over it ... it was a kitchen knife."

Eventually, police officers from Port Stephens-Hunter Police District arrived and arrested the woman. During this time the woman allegedly punched one of the officers twice in the face.

The woman was taken to Mater Hospital where she is being treated for lacerations to her fingers and head. She will undergo a mental health assessment.

Her daughter was taken to John Hunter Hospital to be treated for lacerations to her scalp, which are non-life-threatening. The other alleged victims were taken to Nelson Bay Poly Clinic where they were treated for minor injuries.

"It just happened real quick," alleged stab victim Derrick Vogt told 10 News First.

"It could have been a lot worse ... I am just glad that no one got really injured."

Derrick Vogt was allegedly stabbed during the ordeal. Photo: 10 News First.
Vogt's stab wound. Photo: 10 News First.

Police confirmed on Wednesday that the alleged victims -- other than the woman's daughter --were not known to her.

The woman was charged with a total of 11 offences on Wednesday morning.

These include four counts of armed with intent to commit indictable offence, three counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, wound person intend to cause grievous bodily harm, affray, assault police officer in execution of duty and resist or hinder police officer in execution of duty.

She was refused bail and will face Raymond Terrace Local Court on Wednesday.

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