Man With Drawn-On Eyebrows And Moustache Nabbed In Citizen's Arrest

An alleged car thief has been caught in a citizen’s arrest in Melbourne’s southeast on Sunday night. 

Police were called to a carpark outside Springvale Shopping Centre, where they found a 23-year-old man with drawn-on eyebrows and a moustache being restrained by three men.

The men accused the Dingley Village resident of attempting to break into a white Volkswagen. The car belonged to the sister of one of the men, who does not want to be identified.

Video footage of the citizen’s arrest shows the men holding the alleged thief down until police arrived.

Photo: Supplied.

The car owner told Ten News First her family was eating dinner at HaySung Korean Barbecue, when her brother saw the man looking through her windscreen.

Spray paint cans and markers fell out of the alleged thief’s backpack during the scuffle. The family told 3AW Breakfast they’re not sure how the marker ended up on the man’s face.

The man has since been released.

Police are still investigating the matter.