Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Upskirting 550 Women And Girls

A man arrested on suspicion of taking upskirt videos of more than 550 women and girls has been dubbed "one of the biggest predators of women's privacy" by police.

The man, a 53-year-old Colombian national living in the in the Spanish capital of Madrid, was arrested on Wednesday.

Footage posted to the Policia Nacional Twitter account shows officers tackling a man on the subway before going through his black backpack and searching a laptop with blurred out photos.

Photo: Policia Nacional.

Police allege he uploaded at least 283 videos to pornographic websites, where they were viewed millions of times. His own website had more than 3,500 subscribers.

He's accused of filming women and underage girls on the metro system and in supermarkets, sometimes befriending women to get a clearer shot.

"He acted daily and compulsively," police said.

Photo: Policia Nacional.

In Spain, upskirting is considered sexual abuse and carries a prison term.

In the UK, where upskirting recently became criminalised, one in 10 men don't believe it constitutes sexual harassment.

In Australia, upskirting is referred to as "filming a person's private parts without consent", and carries a maximum punishment of two years imprisonment or five years for aggravated cases.

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