23-Year-Old NZ Man Charged With Killing Aussie Tourist Sean McKinnon

The sister of Sean McKinnon, the Australian man who was shot dead in New Zealand, has said their family "don't even know how to put life together without him."

"You don't think it's ever going to happen to you, you just wish it was anyone other than yourself," McKinnon's sister, Emmeline has told reporters.

McKinnon, 33, and his Canadian girlfriend were sleeping inside their van on Friday morning at Te Toto Gorge Raglan when they were attacked by a man demanding the keys to the vehicle.

Police said the offender fired multiple shots into the van, killing McKinnon.

The woman managed to escape unharmed and flee to a nearby address to call police.

On Saturday, New Zealand authorities charged a 23-year-old man over the shooting death of McKinnon, within 24 hours of the fatal attack.

Authorities say the man is a local to the Waikato District and will appear before court on Saturday in what police allege was a "random and tragic event".

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Victorian man Sean McKinnon. IMAGE: Facebook

Police said McKinnon's girlfriend, Bianca Buckley was traumatised.

"She is shocked and traumatised and thankful there has been an arrest withing 24 hours," police said at a press conference on Saturday monring.

IMAGE: Facebook

Police have spoken with family of the victims this morning and are providing them support.

"I know this has been a shocking event for the community and just want to reassure the community that police are dedicated in keeping our community safe. I also want to think members of the community who responded to the media appeal yesterday," officers said.

On Saturday, McKinnon's heartbroken sister, Emmeline, said her brother was a "wonderful person" and was "deeply loved" by all.

"I was devastated to hear this his life had been taken from him," Emmaline told reporters.

"The worst thing was telling my mother."

We're just going to miss him a lot -- he's going to be missed around the Christmas table.

Emmeline also described Bianca as "resilient and strong."

"I can't even imagine what she's going through as a person."

Police are still searching for the weapon but confirmed they were not seeking anyone else in relation to the incident.

The man's charges include murder and attempted robbery.