Triple Murderer Who Killed His Mother And Siblings Released

Triple murderer Matthew De Gruchy has been released from prison, more than 23 years after he brutally killed his mother and two siblings in their NSW home.

De Gruchy was jailed for at least 21 years in 1998 for murdering his mother Jennifer, 42, brother Adrian, 15, and sister Sarah, 13. He was 18 at the time.

The three were bludgeoned to death at their Albion Park Rail home in 1996, probably with a tyre lever or car jack handle.

De Gruchy was released from Sydney's Long Bay jail after being granted parole. Photo: 10 News First

The NSW State Parole Authority in July granted De Gruchy parole under numerous conditions -- including that the now 41-year-old participate in psychological counselling and not contact his victims' family except for his father and any paternal relation.

The De Gruchy family. Matthew is second from the right.

The authority said at the time De Gruchy's behaviour in custody "has been close to exemplary with only two infringements of discipline in 23 years".

De Gruchy walked free from Sydney's Long Bay jail on Thursday morning.

He'll remain on parole until his maximum 28-year sentence expires in June 2024.

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